Can I use public wi-fi safely?

At coffee shops, hotels, shopping centres, airports, etc.. have a convenient way to check your emails, catch up on social networking, surf the web. So, it’s tempting to connect to a public WiFi network but it poses many security risks, with the right information you can be safe.

The data sent through public Hot-spot can easily be hijacked. Or it could have been set up by a hacker to look like it’s provided by the place you are in. Don’t just assume that the Wireless link is genuine. It could be fake connection that has been set up by a cybercriminal trying to capture valuable information.

1) Wi-Fi Security & Safety Tips I strongly advise you to get a VPN in priority. To increase your online security and privacy by sending your data through an encrypted tunnel, a VPN is one the best solution to keep away the bad guys.

2) For Windows users, Anti-virus MUST be installed and updated on your machine. I would go for the very well know brand Norton or Kaspersky!

3) Password manager keeps your data secure, remembers and can create strong passwords for you. Here some big names you LastPass, KeePass, Sticky Password, Roboform, Dashlane, TrueKey, LogMeOnce.

4) Always updates your operating system, they are not only improvements to your system. They also protect you again hackers who find cracks in the system and to steal your pictures, codes, etc…

5) It’s a smart choice to avoid logging into websites where there’s a chance that cybercriminals could capture your identity, passwords or personal information from social media, online banking services or any websites that store your credit card information.